‘Prints for Ukraine’ is an ongoing fundraising initiative by Hang Tough Editions to assist Ukrainian artists on a long term basis as well as raising funds for Fundacja Community Worx.


‘Prints for Ukraine’ is an ongoing fundraising initiative by Hang Tough Editions to assist Ukrainian artists on a long term basis as well as raising funds for Fundacja Community Worx.

This initiative directly seeks out Ukrainian artists and the Hang Tough gallery team have already met and made contact with Ukrainian artists and they will continue to connect with more artists to provide them with a platform to raise donations through their own practice.

It is a way for Hang Tough to encourage the artists to continue their practice even during these difficult times with the hope that this project may offer these artists new opportunities in the near future. Selection Process.

This initiative is open to all Ukrainian artists as well as those associated with their fight. It is important for us to give the artists that support the Russian resistance a voice regardless of nationality.

Although the criteria for partaking in this initiative is open to Ukrainian and associated artists, the selection process is made with achieving the most effective fundraising possible in mind.

The Collection. The prints will make up an ongoing collection. New submissions will be added to our platform periodically throughout the year.

The prints, open editions, will be unsigned due to the logistical difficulties with physically connecting with some artists but all prints will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. Sales and Donations.

Prints will be available online – www.hangtough.ie and sales will cover costs of printer ink, paper, packing, shipping and Irish VAT only with no gallery profit / Hang Tough Commission.

The funds after costs / profit is split 50/50% between the artist and Fundacja Community Worx


Fundacja Community Worx is a foundation set up in 2022, based in Krakow, Poland. The purpose is to help displaced families in a sustainable way, giving them every opportunity to live a self-sufficient life in their new circumstances. Their directors are a mixture of Ukrainian, Polish and Irish nationalities, coming together out of necessity from recognising the immediate help needed in their city. The foundation’s main aim is the support of children via day care and kindergarten, enabling the parents to work and support their families. The foundation will offer childcare, accommodation assistance, employment advice, legal help with documentation and basic healthcare including psychological help for both parents and children.

Notes for the artists. Through this initiative Hang Tough wants to directly support the artists involved as well as raising funds for the selected foundations. The money raised through the sales of these prints will be split equally between the artist and the charities Hang Tough are working with. We are accepting submissions from artists practicing in 2D mediums. Painters, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators and printmakers. Files accepted are .PDF .TIFF .JPG (High Resolution) or .EPS. Large files can be sent via Wetransfer, Dropbox or any other free file sharing platform. Due to the nature of producing the highest quality giclee prints we are selecting submissions that will translate to print best. Unfortunately this will not mean all artists will be selected but we will do what we can to cater for as many submissions as possible. This initiative is for ALL Ukrainian artists but European artists connected with the Ukrainian invasion in any way are also invited to submit. You will need a bank account to receive your funds and payment will be made at the start of each month. Please contact us directly by email to send us your submissions or if you have any queries. hello@hangtoughgallery.com We have a Ukrainian translator who can assist you with any queries as well as physical contacts in Krakow and Warsaw.

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