At Hang Tough we offer both high street and conservation framing options to suit a range of budgets.

The starting point for any frame design starts with mounting. At Hang Tough we offer various mounting options for your artwork, mainly archival. Archival framing is fully reversible causing no damage to your artwork which is mounted using conservation methods and archival materials. There are a number of things to consider when picking your mounting method, mainly around the condition of the artwork and its suitability for each method.

Archival Framing

Float framing of an etching titled 'Surge' by Cian McLoughlin
Published through The Graphic Studio Dublin

Video By Niko Salvino

Our Mounting Methods

This is the most basic cost effective way of framing your artwork. There is no additional mounting in this method and the artwork is fitted straight into the frame. This method is not considered archival as the artwork is in full contact with the glass. We advise this method for artworks of little value, eg: posters, photographs, inexpensive prints.



This mounting method is quite a traditional way of mounting your artwork. The artwork is hinged behind an aperture cut from a mount presenting a border around the artwork. This is considered an archival method of mounting as the artwork does not come in contact with the glass. This method suits most artworks.

Double Window Mounting

This method offers an additional mount into the design. You can add subtle or bold colours here.

This mounting method is effectively straight in framing but with spacers to keep the artwork off the glass. The artwork is hinged around an acid free template and sits on spacers. It is a contemporary archival way of framing and suits many artwork types, especially photography and prints. Photographic prints need to be dry mounted for this method to present without rippling. Dry mounting is not considered archival.


This mounting method presents the entire artwork. The artwork sits on top of the mount and is kept off the glass with spacers.

Lay On Float Mounting

The artwork is hinged directly onto to mount.

Raised Float mounting

The artwork is hinged to a discreet foam template raising it from the back mount presenting a subtle drop shadow around the artwork.
Float mounting works best for totally flat artworks. Rolled artworks may look distorted when float mounted.

This method combines float mounting and window mounting. The artwork is float mounted, lay on or raised, to the mount and a window mount is fitted around the artwork with a gap around the artwork in the window mount aperture.

Our Frame Profiles and Finishes

All of our frames are made from wood. Our standard range of box profiles come in contemporary colours and profiles. At Hang Tough we favour slimmer frames to best present your artwork.


Our handcrafted range of profiles are custom milled from beautiful timbers.

Pictured: Unit by David Booth in a stained walnut frame with pink spline detailing

Hang Tough frames come with additional sub-frame support called a strainer which is fitted to the back of your frame. The strainer is secured to the backing of the frame providing rigid and structural support preventing warping, split mitres, sagging and detached hanging fittings. The result is a perfect frame that will look just as good as it does today in years to come.

Types of Artworks

Artworks on paper are the most common types of artworks and are suitable for all of our mounting methods. We can offer a number of suitable mount and frame designs to suit your artwork which you can choose from.

See our frame visualiser to upload an image of your artwork and try out different designs.

We can stretch your rolled canvas onto a stretcher or gallery bar. Once stretched your canvas can be hung directly onto the wall or framed without glass. When framing canvases we use slim tray frames. These profiles are contemporary and come in a range of painted colours, hardwoods and finishes. They fit the stretched canvases perfectly hiding the edges of the canvas which are most often left unfinished by the artist.

We can come up with a solution and a suitable design to frame almost anything. From ceramics to clothing and everything in between.

Pictured: Ceramic piece by Isobel Egan framed in lime waxed maple

Things to consider before framing

Not all artworks will look perfectly flat even when framed!

Sometimes even flat artworks look distorted when framed and in particular when float mounted. The reason this happens is because the fibres in the paper expands and contracts with humidity changes. This variance leaves the paper very susceptible to distortion where the artwork has been hinged.

Most prints shipped to buyers come in tubes as this is the most effective way for postage and transport. Rolled prints can lead to a distorted final presentation when framed with archival hinges. We interleave rolled artworks after consultation flat between blotting paper in acid free folders but these artworks never present perfectly flat.

Depending on how long the paper was rolled and the moisture content will determine how the print looks when framed.


We offer UV protective anti-reflective options ranging from 70-99% UV protection as well as standard glass and acrylic. We also provide Tru-Vue Optium Acrylic which is shatter proof, anti-reflective and 99% UV protective.

We would advise using anti-reflective glazing for the best presentation of your artwork in our frames.

It is highly recommended that you do not hang your frame in direct sunlight as this can lead to condensation building up on the inside of the glass risking damage to your artwork.

If you have ordered a large frame we can offer local or national delivery through our trusted art handler or a courier service.

We would advise using this service for large artworks or multiple frame orders to avoid damage to your frames in transit.

Sending your artwork abroad and need a robust wooden crate for your frames or canvases? We design and build wooden crates in house using only high-quality materials to meet international ISPM 15 standards for export to worldwide destinations including China and the USA

When you get your artwork framed at Hang Tough your frame will be fitted the appropriate hanging fittings to account for the size and weight of your frame. We use heavy duty picture cord, strap hangers and split battens and your framing consultant will advise you on the correct fittings and installation.

We do not recommend command strips for any frames. The adhesive dries over time leading to failure.

It is highly recommended that you do not hang your frame in direct sunlight as this can lead to the media in your artwork fading or condensation building up on the inside of the glass.

We do not offer an installation service at this time.

No size is too big for us here at Hang Tough. We will provide the safest and most suitable design for your oversized artworks. Check that your walls can fit your frame and support the weight!


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